Hybrid evaporation-compression air conditioning system

UDC 697.94; 628.84

Hybrid evaporation-compression air conditioning system

A.L.Yemelyanov, Garanov S. A. , Gorbatov K. M.

An air conditioning system (ACS) is discussed where combined compression and evaporative cooling techniques are employed under limited power consumption conditions. Its compressor consists of a vapour-compression refrigeration component (VCR) using an auxiliary airflow from the evaporative unit (EU) to cool the condenser, thus reducing the condensation temperature and thereby increasing energy efficiency of the refrigeration cycle. EU is a heat exchanger with a blower and a pump. The heat exchanger carries out the indirect evaporation cycle with an auxiliary flow. Both units operate concurrently feeding cooled air to the space to be conditioned, the EU functioning on 100% fresh air, and the VCR on 100% recirculation. The article presents a schematic hydraulic circuit diagram of the system and the results of performance tests in terms of its cooling effect, air flow rate and power consumption.

Keywords: air conditioning, evaporative cooling, combined conditioning system, energy efficiency.

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