Researching operation modes of a cryogenic fish freezer

UDC 641.664.8.037.5

Researching operation modes of a cryogenic fish freezer

Byanov O. N., Neverov E. N., Petrov I. S.

The design of a carbon dioxide device for freezing fish is presented. Its freezing functions have been studied to disclose the nature of temperature field changes and heat sink kinetics when fish carcasses are frozen with carbon dioxide at the temperatures of ‒30°С, ‒50°С and ‒70°С. The values of heat flow density and heat transfer factor at these temperatures have been identified for the device. A decrease of temperature in the fish freezer has been found to reduce the time of freezing and smooth out the difference in temperature decline rates for the top and bottom layers of fish. However, the consumption of carbon dioxide in this case increases.

Keywords: fish, carbon dioxide, sublimation, temperature field, heat conductivity, temperature, isotherms.

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