LNG regasification prospects

UDC 62-623.1, 62-68, 661.91-404, 665.6/.7

LNG regasification prospects

FALMAN A. G., Ageysky D. E.

The article describes prospects of cold utilization from LNG being regasified. There are several modern techniques allowing energy and some other by-products to be produced along with regasification itself. Exergy analysis is used to estimate the amount of by-products for techniques using Rankine and Brayton cycles, air and gas separation etc. Yield ratio of some products (liquid oxygen LOX, liquid nitrogen LN2nitr, energy Eout) allows estimating the amount of products to be simultaneously produced by this method when 250 million tons of LNG is utilized (14.8 million tons of liquid oxygen, 28.4 million tons of liquid nitrogen and 15 TWh of energy). Regasification of LNG equal amount is sufficient for rectification of 71.2 million tons of air by the same method. Fractions of overall energy consumption that could be covered by such an energy cogeneration are considered. Results of this research show possible viability of combined regasification techniques.

Keywords: liquid natural gas, LNG, regasification, Rankine cycle, Brayton cycle, air separation

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