Experimental research of refrigerating system effective radiation into space

UDC 621.565.83

Experimental research of refrigerating system effective radiation into space

Alexandr P. Tsoy, Granovsky A. S., Machuev Yu. I., Filatov A.S.

Alternative energy sources are of great importance due to introduction of energy efficient and green technologies. Effective radiation into space is one of the important renewable energy sources for a refrigerating system. Experimental research is carried out to investigate the possibility of effective energy application in refrigerating engineering. Three experimental units are described. The first one is used to determine night sky temperature. The second one is used to determine the influence of radiating surface slope angle on cooling effect value. The difference between the temperature of angled surface and the one of horizontal surface is shown to be from 1 to 1.5 К on the average. The third unit is used to analyze cooler refrigerating capacity. The cooler consisted from steel sheets and a plastic piping is shown to be ineffective and need updating. For the first and second units graphs of air and radiating surface temperature changes are given. For the third unit thermal balance calculations are given. The effective radiation effect on ice temperature is investigated at Medeu outdoor skating. The ice temperature is found to be, on the average, 10 K lover than the air temperature. Refrigerating systems with effective radiation are experimentally shown to enable cold accumulating during the night. Then, they can be used in refrigerating units in storage rooms for fruits and vegetables during day time; in air conditioning systems; and to take the swings at processing plants and outdoor skating.

Keywords: alternative energy sources, renewable energy sources, effective radiation, refrigerating system

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