Measurement of polymeric composite materials radiation coefficient

UDC 536.521

Measurement of polymeric composite materials radiation coefficient

Proshkin S. S.

The article deals with experimental technique for measuring spectral radiation coefficient of polymer composite radar absorbing materials. Strengthening agent (organo sheet made of 2.5 mm thick glass fiber material and 3.1 mm thick chopped glass fiber felt) is selected as an experimental material. Another type of experimental material is polymer nanofilms with 0.124-0.135 mm thick cobalt, iron, or copper coating. Integral emissivity factor used for thermal imaging measurements is proved not to be considered as a reference characteristic and should be substituted by an appropriate spectral coefficient. The results of experiments for measuring radiation spectral emissivity factor of the different polymer materials in the range of waves from 2 to 22 µm with the help of Fourier-spectrometer are given. The results obtained proved the effectiveness and high sensitivity of the proposed method of spectral emissivity factor determination. Spectral and integration characteristics of nanofilms are shown to vary considerably depending on the sample material and conditions of the experiment.

Keywords: thermal radiation, thermal imager camera, radiation coefficient, emissivity factor

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