Gas booster compressor operation at variable inlet pressure

DOI: 10.21047/1606-4313-2016-15-1-47-54
UDC 621.521

Gas booster compressor operation at variable inlet pressure

Belysheva K.A., Makoveeva A.S., Molodov M.A., Prilutsky A.I., Prilutski I.K.

The article analyses the influence of variable, under operating conditions, inlet pressure on actual and integral parameters of two-stage booster compressor which is used for compressing hydrogen-bearing gas and operating at constant output pressure.The data and graphs for design analysis calculations are shown. Laws of decreasing pressure ratio, specific heat-exchange surface and input gas temperatures for each stage when initial pressure is being increased are substantiated. Pressure increase combined with gas temperature drop at the 1st stage outlet is shown to result in gas mixture density and mass increase in cylinder clearance volume and to reduce compressor volumetric capacity at suction conditions. At some value of inlet pressure 2nd stage expansion process is proved to change itsfinal parameters, with transition from nearly isentropic to heat removal process occurring. The histograms show the amount of heat transferred from gas to cylinder wallsat any operating cycle part of compressor stages.

Keywords: Booster compressor, hydrogen-bearing gas, variable inlet pressure, stage, valves, heat exchange, simulation, numerical analysis.

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