Evaluation of varieties and hybrids of carrots on the suitability of fast-frozen products

DOI: 10.21047/1606-4313-2016-15-2-10-14
UDC 664.8.037:633.432

Evaluation of varieties and hybrids of carrots on the suitability of fast-frozen products

Borisov V. A. , Romanova A V, Yanchenko E. V, Gasparian Sh. V, Piskounova N. A., Maslovsky S. A., Zamyatina M. E.

Spend technological evaluation of modern varieties and hybrids of carrot for suitability for the production of fast-frozen products. The objects of research were 15 domestic and 10 foreign samples from the collection of the Department of Agriculture and Agricultural ChemistryFSSI “RRIVC”. Research  included the biochemical analysis of raw materials, laboratory production of fast-frozen products, its organoleptic and biochemical analysis. The main parameters that characterize the technological properties of carrot, are dry matter content, sugar and carotene. The value of these indicators varied by years of research. The tendency to accumulate higher amounts of solids in the roots from the variety Fackel (13,3 ... .16,7%), sugar - at variety Losinoostrovskaya 13 (7.68 ... 8.65%), stood out on the content of carotenoids varieties Losinoostrovkskaya 13 , NIIOH 336, F1 Zvezda (21...23 mg%). Freezing carrots was carried out as follows: wash – cleaning – grinding – blanching – freezing at minus 30...35 оC freezers in batch - storage of finished products. In the freezing process and storage noted partial loss of moisture, thereby increasing correspondingly the solids content, the sugars and carotene. Regularities of the quantitative content of the substances identified in the raw materials preserved after freezing. According to the results of organoleptic evaluation carried out on a 10-point scale on indicators such as taste, visual appeal, consistency, color, aroma, were allocated to such samples as NIIOH 336 (of 7.48 points), F1 Cardiff (7.46 points) and Fackel (7.45 points). These varieties and hybrids carrots can be recommended for cultivation as a raw material for producing frozen products of high quality.

Keywords: carrot, freeze, grade, hybrid, chemical composition, organoleptic characteristics and quality.

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