Formula of functional jelly using local berries

DOI: 10.21047/1606-4313-2016-15-2-38-41
UDC 644:641.856

Formula of functional jelly using local berries

Shchetilina I. P. , Popova N. N., Kiseleva E. A. , Denisova A. A.

The paper deals with the relevance of inclusion berries – fresh and prepared for long term storage by freezing, drying, sublimating – in the diet. The prospects for using dried berries and fruits in the food production are analyzed. The aim of the study was to develop a formula for jelly using dried berries of viburnum. To do this, at the initial stage of the experiment the formula of jelly from fresh viburnum berries was optimized according to the organoleptic quality of the finished sweet product. Then the optimization of the jelly formulation using dried pre-shredded berries was carried out. The equivalent of replacement fresh raw materials for dried ones in terms of their chemical composition was taken into account. Dried viburnum fruit was shredded by a shredder of 7 kW for 4 hours, the particle size being 0.01 mm. The viburnum powder obtained has sour-bitter flavor and natural bright color with a slight aroma of dried fruits. The amount of viburnum powder varied in the range from 5.7 to 7.2 g. A formula for jelly and its organoleptic characteristics are given. The optimum amount of dried viburnum powder was shown to be 6.9 g per 1000 g of jelly. The nutritional value of the jelly is 15-20 % higher compared to reference sample. The research shows the practicability of viburnum use in food production to replace in part such expensive and high-calorie raw materials as dried apricots, prunes, oranges, plums, cherries, apples, honey etc. Developed sweet dish is recommended to include in the diet of various social groups (preschool children, schoolchildren, elderly and old people, workers of harmful productions, etc.), and at public catering facilities. This allow expanding the range of fortified food, improving the nutritional value of diets, reducing the cost of the product.

Keywords: viburnum fruit, nutritional value, fruit powders, formulation, technology, sweet food, jelly.

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