Аdsorption of T-2 mycotoxins hydrocolloids

UDC 615.918:582.28

Аdsorption of T-2 mycotoxins hydrocolloids

Ivleva A.R., Kanarskaya Z.A.

The review covered the actual problem of adverse effects of mycotoxins on humans and animals. Mikotoksikatsiya occur along the food chain through the loss of agricultural raw materials filamentous fungi. One way to detoxify food and feed can be use adsorbents. The work carried out studies on the adsorption properties of soluble and insoluble hydrocolloids. As the hydrocolloids used (soluble pectin apple and citrus brands classic CM 201, classic AF 501, the WEC-1, WEJ 2, WECJ-3D, WEJ-5, WECJ-51 insoluble – cellulose from wheat straw the WF (200, 400 , 600), the manufacturer «J. RETTENMAIER & SOHNE GMBH» Germany). The ability to characterize enterosorbent desorption from the negative side as adsorbed products are subsequently again move into the gastrointestinal tract while passing through it. It was found that the highest adsorption true mycotoxin T-2 pectin brand classic CM 201 – 60.4 %, cellulose from wheat straw brand WF 200 has a maximum value of true adsorption – 79.0 %. Well enterosorbent pectin can be considered WECJ-51 – 81.4 %. The results show that dietary fiber and pectin can act as an adsorbent of mycotoxins in foods.

Keywords: mycotoxins, hydrocolloids, adsorption, desorption.

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