Antioxidant properties of precooked meat semi-finished product

UDC 637.072, 637.073 664.97

Antioxidant properties of precooked meat semi-finished product

Petiy I.A., Chernova A.V., Pritykina N. A.

The article investigates the influence of such ingredients as sea-buckthorn juice(80%), garlic, parsley, E301 sodium ascorbat (as a component of complex preservative agent) on the oxidation degree of a meat pre-cooked semi-finished product. Semi-finished products of turkey, beef, pork, beef-by-products, and antioxidant additives (1%-5%-10% concentrations of sea-buckthorn juice, garlic, parsley, sodium ascorbat in different ratios) were chosen for the experiment. A modified technique of evaluating antioxidant activity of the components by the chemiluminescence of peroxide radicals was used. 0.01 % luminol solution in 95 % ethanol was used as an activator due to its higher light intensity. The components responsible for antioxidant properties (terpenes, carotenoids, essential oils, allicin, myristicin) and their action are described.Antioxidant activity of meat pre-cooked semi-finished products is analyzed. It is shown to decreasewhen 5, 10, 1% sea-buckthorn juice is added; when sea-buckthorn juice is not added; and is shown to increasewhen garlic + parsley; garlic + parsley + sea-buckthorn juice; preservative agent; preservative agent + garlic + parsley + sea-buckthorn juice are added. The optimum concentration of sea-buckthorn juice in the formulation was found to be of 5% which guarantees high values of organoleptic and antioxidant activity indicators. The combined use of natural and safe synthetic antioxidants in semi-product production was proved to be of the maximum effect, such a product having minimal luminescence intensity. The results of the research may be of use in the formulations for meat products with sea-buckthorn juice and other antioxidant additives to produce functional non-perishable meat products with proper amino acid balance.

Keywords: meat semi-finished product, antioxidants, garlic, parsley, sea-buckthorn juice, sodium acetate, chemiluminescence.

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