Determination of chlorogenic acids in carrots during storage

DOI: 10.21047/1606-4313-2017-16-4-3-8
UDC 543.63:001.891.53

Determination of chlorogenic acids in carrots during storage

Shachek T.M., Marchankava Т.I., Zelenkova E. N.

For citation: Shachek T.M., Marchankava Т.I., Zelenkova E.N. Determination of chlorogenic acids in carrots during storage. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2017. No 4. p. 3-8

In this paper the results of quantitative analysis of chlorogenic acids in selected carrot cultivars grown in Belarus are presented. Fresh and stored carrot roots of the Dordogne, Narbona and Chantane cultivars (harvested in 2016) were used for the research. Varietal differences in accumulation of the phenolic compounds under investigation were established. The original photometric method was used for the quantitative determination of hydroxycinnamic acids in fresh carrots. The method was modified at the stages of sample preparation (sample weight) and preparation of the analyte (volume of the solution being analyzed). Validation experiment showed the stability and accuracy of the technique, metrological characteristics being assessed: repeatability (convergence) – 5.59%, reproducibility (intralaboratory) – 19.97%, and linearity in the concentration range of chlorogenic acids – from 20.0 to 80.0 mg / 100 g DW. The dynamics of hydroxycinnamic acids during the storage of raw materials both in regulated – 0±1 °С and unregulated conditions – 4±6 °С was studied. Accumulation of hydroxycinnamic acids was significant (up to 263%) when storing carrots under standard conditions and the influence of unregulated conditions on the intensity of hydroxycinnamic acids accumulation was established. On the basis the of research literature analysis, the biological activity of chlorogenic acids, as the main representatives of hydroxycinnamic acids in plant raw materials, was studied. It was shown that the dynamics of these substances in carrotsduring storageis actual to study.

Keywords: carrot, cultivar, hydroxycinnamic acids, analysis, validation, metrological characteristics, chlorogenic acid, the initial level in roots, storage of carrots, dynamics of biologically active substances.

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