Heat transfer in low-grade energetics

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2019-18-1-29-33
UDC 621.575

Heat transfer in low-grade energetics

Dzino A. A., Malinina O. S.

For citation: Dzino A.A., Malinina O.S. Heat transfer in low-grade energetics. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2019. No 1. p.

Heat transfer from one temperature level to some another can be carried out to produce cooling effect; to decrease the temperature of high-grade heat source for a specific purpose, for example, in the systems of heating and hot water supply, to increase the temperature of low-grade source. The article deals with the influence of internal heat regenerating rateon the energy efficency of the the cycles in absorbtion lithium bromide step-down thermal transformer, absorbtion lithium bromide refrigerating unit, and absorbtion lithium bromide step-up thermal transformer depending on the temeperture of heat source.

Keywords: heat transfer, cycle system, refrigerating unit, thermal transformer, coefficients of cycle energy efficiency, the temperature of heat source.

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