Extraction of crude Mannan oligosaccharides from yeast and their uses

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2020-19-1-46-51
UDC 577.114; 663.45

Extraction of crude Mannan oligosaccharides from yeast and their uses

Harbah Razan, Agembo Evans Odongo , Meledina T.V., Kritchenkov A.S., Ivanova Vera A.

For citation: Harbah R., Agembo E.O., Meledina T.V., Kritchenkov A.S., Ivanova V.A. Extraction of crude Mannan oligosaccharides from yeast and their uses. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2020. No 1. p.46-51

This review aims to emphasize the importance of mannan oligosaccharides, obtained from various resources especially from yeasts. Attractive features of mannan polysaccharides have had influenced the decisions of food scientists to pursue research on this element, and that may expand their uses and applications in medicine, food industry and animals feed. Food researchers are increasingly focusing on yeast cell wall (YCW) as a promising source of mannan extraction, as the yeast extracts sector generates a huge amount of YCW as a by-product. Extraction is an important method used to obtain the water-soluble mannan oligosaccharides from the wall cells of yeast and in this review was showed the optimal conditions for the extraction of mannan from cell yeast according to results some of the scientific studies along with the deproteinization methods. In the fооd industry, mаnnаn has various аррliсаtiоns such as viscosity modifiers, stabilizers, and increasing the thermo-stability of anthocyanins. Mannan has many health benefits, which have expanded its uses in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. In the animal feed sector, several studies of farm animals have shown significant positive effects of weight gain, reduced bird mortality, and improved fish growth. In pigs, the addition of mannan to pig diets led to obvious economic benefits.

Keywords: mannan, oligosaccharides, yeast cell wall, extraction, prebiotic, food industry, feed additives.

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