Hopped lemonade production technology

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2020-19-1-97-102
UDC 663.86.054.2

Hopped lemonade production technology

Zipaev D. V., Kozhukhov A.N., Tulina A.А.

For citation: Zipaev D.V., Kozhukhov A.N., Tulina A.A. Hopped lemonade production technology. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2020. No 1. p. 97-102

The use of hop for lemonade production is studied. Hop properties in terms of its use in nonalcoholic drink production technology are analyzed. Chemical composition of hop is characterized. Purified water, granulated sugar, natural coloring agent – caramel color, Lemonade aromatizant, and citric acid were used as the main raw materials for hopped lemonade production. Liquid hop extract was used during the experiment due to its most preferable properties compared to dry extract. Due to the series of experiments the optimal dosage of liquid hop extract (12%) was t was found determined. Mass fraction of carbon dioxide (0.34%) and acidity (0.2 sm3) for the finished drink are also determined. During the research the technological parameters of lemonade production process are estimated. Organoleptic and physicochemical properties of hooped lemonade are evaluated. Process flow diagram for the new nonalcoholic drink production is presented.

Keywords: hopped lemonade, hop extract, water, granulated sugar, caramel color, aromatizant.

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