The influence of whey protein hydrolysate on organoleptic characteristics of oxygen cocktails basis

DOI: 10.21047/1606-4313-2016-15-2-4-9
UDC 637.1

The influence of whey protein hydrolysate on organoleptic characteristics of oxygen cocktails basis

Nepovinnykh N. V., Novokshanova A. L. , Abramov D. V.

Enteral oxygen therapy in the form of taking oxygen cocktails is now widely used in medicine as a treatment and preventionof various diseases for children and adults. The aim of the work is to improve the formula of nutritional and biological value of oxygen cocktails of combined structure by introduction whey proteins hydrolysate (WPH) into the protein-carbohydrate basis of the product. Organoleptic characteristics of the protein-carbohydrate basis have been studied at various doses of WPH for the preparation of oxygen cocktails. WPH has been added to the test samples in the amount of 1–5 % with the incremental step of 1%. Dairy whey without WPH has been a control sample. The results have demonstrated that even 1% of WPH can be tasted, while the introduction of more than 3% of WPH is generally not acceptable. To improve the organoleptic characteristics of the oxygen cocktail basis enriched with WPH it has been decided to combine dairy whey with fruit and berry juices. The sensory abnormalities reducing the quality of the protein-carbohydrate basis with WPH have been defined. In terms of the organoleptic properties the 50:50 ratios of whey protein and juice is proper to make the oxygen cocktail basis. In this case the taste and aroma of the mix are perceived as very pleasant ones even after 3 % introduction of WPH. The experimental data processing in view of the weight factors has demonstrated that the increasing -+WPH dose reduces the final rating of all the experimental samples. The organoleptic rating of each parameter has been fixed and then all the ratings have been summed up as the final ball mark in the tasting card. The maximum dose of the WPH addition to the protein-carbohydrate basis for the production of oxygen cocktails has been determined. The allowed amount of WPH is 1–3 % based on the total weight of the protein-carbohydrate basis.

Keywords: enteral oxygen therapy, whey protein hydrolysate, dairy whey, non-starch polysaccharides.

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