Dosing of loose products in small doses of 0.2-5 grams

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2018-17-2-34-41
UDC 621.01

Dosing of loose products in small doses of 0.2-5 grams

Zhavner V.L., Zhao Wen

For citation: Zhavner V.L., Zhao Wen. Dosing of loose products in small doses of 0.2-5 grams. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2018. No 2. p. 34-41

The packing of loose products in small doses is currently used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.The development of new types of filling and packaging equipment is relevant for these tasks, and is especially relevant for small enterprises, which are taking an increasing share in the industry of developing countries, including China and Russia. This article presents the results of a study concerning a mechatronic loose dosing system for loose products in small doses. Normative documents regulating the requirements for the number of packaged goods per package and the problem of determining the allowed errors when dosing products in small doses have been analyzed. The recommendations on the adjustment of metering devices with a high dosing error have been developed, which, nevertheless, to ensure that the requirements of normative documents are complied with the number of packaged products in packages. A mechatronic dosing system with small single doses was investigated, which allows dosing doses to be multiples of a single dose.The software has been developed for the dosing system in time. The cyclograms for the dependences between performance and the total dose weight multiple of a single dose are shown.The results of experimental studies of the dosing errors for the mechatronic system under investigation are demonstrated. It has been proposed and shown that when obtaining a required dose as a sum of single doses the requirements for dosing errors according to R 8-579-2001 State Standard are always met.

Keywords: the quantity of the packaged goods, packaging, dosing, packing, dosing error, productivity of dosing systems.

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