Non-uniformity of geothermal well heat pump temperature field

UDC 536.1

Non-uniformity of geothermal well heat pump temperature field

Baranov I.V., Krylov V. А., Chernoozersky V. А., Nikitin А. А.

 The article deals with temperature field of heat pump geothermal well. In designing heat pump systems calculation methods of geothermal wells with temperature filed uniform along the well length are used. Common physical notions about thermal field distribution in technical systems allow assuming temperature distribution in heat pump geothermal well to be of non-uniform character. To verify it three dimensional parametric model of test stand was developed by Flow Simulation module of the SolidWorks software. It allows calculating temperature field distribution in a simulated well on the basis of the model and finite element method. The numerical model obtained shows the non-uniformity of the temperature field. The research shows some disadvantages of the exiting calculation methods. Then, new calculation method for geothermal heat exchangers taking into account temperature filed non-uniformity and, therefore, increasing heat pump efficiency should be developed.

Keywords: heat pump, temperature field, test stand, thermal conductivity

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