Main peculiarities of carbon dioxide solid phase formation

UDC 621.594

Main peculiarities of carbon dioxide solid phase formation

Danilov M.M. , Smirnov A. S.

While analyzing carbon dioxide freeze out in turbo expansion machines understanding the kinetics of solid phase formation is of great importance. The influence of the carbon dioxide crystal regular multi-faceted shape on the process in question and the peculiarities of their formation when the flow is being supercooled should be taken into consideration. Seed crystal is being compared with carbon dioxide molecular crystal, its equilibrium shape being specified. Seed crystal size does not depend on the environment temperature and partial pressure of the carbon vapors (saturation temperature) greatly. It depends on the flow supercooling value to the greatest extent. The methods of carbon dioxide crystal energy specific surface area calculation and equilibrium crystals size calculation at different values of flow supercooling of have been proposed.

Keywords: freeze out, carbon dioxide, crystals, specific surface energy, surface tension, flow supercooling.

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