The use of heat exchangers of a new generation

UDC 629.7

The use of heat exchangers of a new generation

Astanovsky D. L. , Astanovsky L. Z., Silman M. A.

Traditional shell-and-tube, plate and other types of heat exchangers can be qualified in their using. A new heat exchanger designed by pic firm "Fast Engineering" relieves the limitations inherent to traditionally used heat exchangers. The main advantages of the heat exchangers of the new generation are as follows: feasibility of heat exchange of gas and liquid flows of desirable capacity in one apparatus, low hydraulic resistance of coolant flows, workability of heat exchanger in a wide range of temperatures (from -270 to 1100 °C) and pressures (from high vacuum to 30 MPa), practicability of heat exchange at set pressure and temperature differences in heat exchanging media, maximum specific heat exchange surface in a volume unit of a cylindrical apparatus. New proposed heat exchangers can be used as air coolers, heaters, evaporators, and condensers. Heat exchangers of "Fast Engineering"® design are successfully working in many industries.

Keywords: heat exchanger, air cooler, heater, evaporator, condenser

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