Exergy analysis of a vaccum freeze drying unit

UDC 66.047.2:536.422.4

Exergy analysis of a vaccum freeze drying unit

Dobromirov V. Е., Shahov S. V., Nekrilova Т. I., Bokadarov S. A.

Sublimation is one of the most effective directions of refrigerating engineering use for foodstuff, biological materials and medical preparations preservation. However, freeze-drying is complex technological process. It demands the careful analysis from the point of view of its effective functioning. On the base of exergetic method it is possible to carry out the thermodynamic analysis of system more carefully and to find the most effective ways of reduction of power resources expenses at simultaneous increasing of technological characteristics. We have carried out the exergetic analysis of the installation and according to the results we made the exergetic balance and the diagram of exergy streams and losses.

Keywords: freeze-drying, exergy, intensification.

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