Cooling of fish with snowlike carbon dioxide

UDC 641.664.8.037.5

Cooling of fish with snowlike carbon dioxide

Neverov E. N.

Researches of nature of change of temperature field and heat flow density are conducted when cooling fish (carp). The time of fish cooling, carbon dioxide consumption, fish carcass optimum sizes allowing introducing an amount of snowlike carbon dioxide into internal cavity of fish are analyzed also. Temperature field changes and heat removal kinetics in this process are investigated. Time of fish cooling, consumption of carbon dioxide with various masses of a trade carp and the optimum sizes of fish carcass allowing introducing a certain amount of snowlike carbon dioxide, sufficient for normalized temperature inside the carcasses to be achieved, into an internal cavity have been determined. It has been found out that when using snowlike carbon dioxide by an introduction into an internal cavity of a carp carcass there has been a decrease in carbon dioxide consumption.

Keywords: fish, carbon dioxide, sublimation, temperature field, density of a thermal stream, heat conductivity, temperature, isotherms, warmth, carp.

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