Dilute–gas thermal conductivity of difluoromethane (HFC–32)

UDC 536.2

Dilute–gas thermal conductivity of difluoromethane (HFC–32)

Tsvetkov O.B. , Laptev Yu.A.

Comprehensive thermal conductive measurements have been obtained for the refrigerant HFC-32. The range of state points studied include those with temperatures from 296,93 K to 366,07 К and pressures to 0,1 MPa. The measurements differ from accurate correlating equation by less than 1%. Extensive comparisons have been made with two productive conformal kinetic theory models one which uses the Eucken-type equation and the other using Mason-Monchick functional form. The viscosity as well as the thermal conductivity were determined with Lennard-Jones pair potential. Results obtained with Mason-Monchick equation including effective diffusion coefficient for polar diluted gases. Good agreement was found with between experimental results and theoretical calculations.

Keywords: thermal conductivity, viscosity, HFC-32, rarified gas, coaxial cylinders method, transport process, kinetic theory, interaction potential, polar gases

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