Heat transfer in the organism under whole body cryotherapy

UDC 621.59

Heat transfer in the organism under whole body cryotherapy

Baranov Aleksandr Yu., Malysheva T. A.

Choosing the temperature of cryogenic gas is regarded as the key point of cryotherapy. Along with the choice of gas temperature, however, there are other important factors: gas movement speed, size and spatial positioning of the treated body, gas humidity, etc. Comprehensive research is required to build up a theoretical base for the development of technologies and equipment for whole body cryotherapy. The best generalized results can be obtained by analysing the cryoeffect of different heat removal rates on a biological organism. Varying the intensity of heat removal within technically acceptable limits helps to identify the level of power consumption to make cryotherapy systems as efficient as possible. The studies have shown that to achieve high cryoeffect and meet the patients’ safety requirements the cooling of the body surface should be from 3.0 to 4.0 kW/m2.

Keywords: cryotherapy, cryoeffect, cryogenic treatment, hypothermal safety, cryostatting.

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