Choosing the pattern of whole body cryotherapy

UDC 621.59

Choosing the pattern of whole body cryotherapy

Baranov Aleksandr Yu., Malysheva T. A., Anna Savelyeva, Sidorova A. Yu.

Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) is a process targeted at cooling the human body surface down to temperatures close to ‒2°C. At such temperature, cold receptors of the skin suffer intensive stimulation and send a powerful signal to the central nervous system warning it about a threat of hypothermia. With proper choice of the cooling time and cooling gas temperature it is possible to increase the efficiency of WBC without endangering the patient’s health. The criterion of such efficiency is the duration of analgesic effect (effective time). Numerical experiments on WBC simulation have shown that when the individual pattern is used the effective time is not reduced until the duration of the start-up period exceeds 160 seconds. Low efficiency of the group WBC pattern is an unsolvable disadvantage of multi-person cryotherapy system models.

Keywords: cryotherapy, cryotherapeutic effect, effective time, group cryotherapy, individual cryotherapy.

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