The use of oatmeal in technology of functional foods

UDC 664:661.4

The use of oatmeal in technology of functional foods


For enterprises in the meat production is characterized by the use of soybean isolates and wheat kletchatki as a meat substitute in the production of sausages. The use of other fillers for stuffing sausage products is extremely limited, although the blood-fat products, and products of grain processing – in particular oatmeal are the unique biological components. For a comparative study of quality indicators sausage products, created with the replacement of part of the ground beef on oatmeal, and shelter-in-oil emulsion, was selected recipe sausage products using wheat fibre on the other. In the study of organoleptic characteristics, it was noted that the analyzed samples from 7.5–10% content of oat flour on sensory characteristics differ little from the control sample prepared with wheat fiber. After heat treatment, regardless of the number of filler very well co-preserve the form and have the usual consistency. The color of the sausage samples with the lowest amount of oatmeal (2.5–5.0 %) practically does not differ from the color control sample; increases in the same amount of oatmeal slightly reduces the intensity of the color. It was established that with oat flour introduction, value рН in sausages decreases from 5.7 to 5.39. In the studied samples losses at thermal treatment (from 3.9 to 0.8%) in comparison with a control sample (8.8%) considerably decrease. This product can be recommended as treatment-and-prophylactic cure for anemias of various degree.

Keywords: oatmeal, sausages, minced meat, functional and technological properties, antianemic effect, quality control

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