Heated air curtain starting operating modes

UDC 536.244

Heated air curtain starting operating modes

Grigoryev A. Yu., Rubtsov I.A. , Voronov D., Savenko N., Raikov A.А. , Baveyan H.

Starting operating mode of air curtain is of great interest in terms of both their design improvement (unit reliability being among them) and the improvement of control automated and dispatching systems for them. The article deals with experimental research of staring operation modes for air curtain mounted on actual door way. Modern equipment was used. Different parameters affecting air curtain operation, door way and room themselves were taken into account. Two experimental zones of different air temperature are brought into effect. Temperature pattern and velocity profile from curtain start up to its operation stabilization are determined. Warm up time is estimated. Parameters affecting air curtain operation when the door is being opened are determined. The experimental data are shown to repeat calculations made by developed mathematical model and CFD-program based on it. The method proposed allows determination of velocity and pressure profilers, air temperature pattern at the doorway during air-curtain staring operating mode at the time of the system design.

Keywords: heated air curtain, aero- and thermodynamic parameters, experimental test bench, temperature pattern, air velocity

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