Plant raw material extraction with periodic intensive hydrodynamic regime

UDC 539.217 2:66.084

Plant raw material extraction with periodic intensive hydrodynamic regime

Ivanov E.V. , Matveeva N.A.

The article deals with extracting process of target components from plant raw material rotary-pulsation and planetary apparatus which provide intense hydrodynamic impact on the raw material. The rotary-pulsation apparatus is represented by two-stage machine with the outer diameter of the second rotor of 100 mm, with the slots in the rotor and stator being 4-1.5 mm wide. Water output of the device is approximately 0.4-0.8 l/s. Planetary batch apparatus has the following characteristics: the number of drums – 3; drum capacity – 0.62 liters; drum diameter – 110 mm; carrier rotation speed - 448 rev/min; drum rotation speed – 550 rev/min; centrifugal force on the circumference of the drum rotation – 28g. One 57 mm diameter stainless steel roller is placed in each drum. Flavonoid compounds extraction kinetics from crushed dry and pre-wetted hawthorn fruit (average particle size – 1.8 mm), St. John's wort chopped herbs (average particle size – 1.7 mm) and licorice root (average particle size – 2.4 mm) is analyzed. 40% (vol.) aqueous ethyl alcohol is used as the extractant. The weight ratio of extractant to the one of the raw material depending on raw material and extractor type is from 1:12 to 1:50. Apparatus are periodically switched on briefly and then switched off for 5-10 minutes. The apparatus operation time is selected on the basis of raw material particles processing conditions for ≈10-60 seconds. The total duration of intensive hydrodynamic impact on the raw materials is from 3 to 20% of the total extraction process duration. This technology allows power consumption to be at least 5 times less, reducing raw material grinding size and ballast substances output. After the intermittent operation of the rotary-pulsating and planetary apparatus the duration of suspension filtration is 5-14 times lower than at their continuous operation, total process duration being the same.

Keywords: extraction, plant raw material, energy saving, rotary pulsation apparatus, planetary apparatus

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