Analytical model of condensation in mini dusts

DOI: 10.21047/1606-4313-2016-15-1-66-72
UDC 621.565.9

Analytical model of condensation in mini dusts

Sinitsyna K.M., Zaitsev A.V., Aleksandr V. Baranenko

The article deals with the problem of analytical estimation for condensation in mini ducts. Algorithm based on classicalcondensation simulation of two phase flow in bare pipe is designed; the peculiarities of micro and mini duct heat exchangers being taken into account. Method of finite differnces is used. The problem is defiend in general terms, Navier-Stokes equationi.e. partial differential equations system in Cartesian coordinate system being used as a base. Six distributed parameters of flow are used: velocity vector components (u, v, w) in3D coordinate system, pressure (p), temperature (T), refrigerant density (ρ). Main units of estimation software are designed. Ammonia refrigerant condensation is analyzed primarily. The requirement for the applicability of the model and software to any refrigerant is met. Results obtained are going to be compared with data base of experimental results.

Keywords: analytical model, mini duct, condensation, Navier-Stokes equation, flow parameters, refrigerant.

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