The use of Jerusalem artichoke for coffee substitute manufacture

DOI: 10.21047/1606-4313-2016-15-1-13-18
UDC 604.4; 62.13.99

The use of Jerusalem artichoke for coffee substitute manufacture

Baydalinova L.S., Melnikova V. A.

The article deals with the ways of coffee substitute manufacture with the use of Jerusalem artichoke powder. Jerusalem artichoke of different size and harvest times grown in Kaliningrad Region has been analyzed. The research results prove its usability when making Bietola coffee substitute. The method proposed doesn’t require both time-consuming peeling and grading. The experimental results show that late varieties of Jerusalem artichoke are recommended to use. The use of frozen raw materials is substantiated. The suggested method for coffee substitute manufactureallowspreservingbiologically active components of Jerusalemin a most effective way. Chemical, physicochemical and microbiological analyses of the product have been made. The grinding method available allows obtaining particle size of 216 mcm on the average. This size is shown not to be sufficient as extractability of the target substances is low (not more than 20%). The functional product obtained experimentally meets hygienic requirements of the Russian Federation(in terms of toxic substances, pesticides, radionuclide, molds,andyeastscontent). Bietola coffee substitute has no signs of caking during storage that proves its advantages over the analogous products. The drink is shown to be of great nutritive value. Bietola containing at least 10.8% of inulin makes the drink recommendable for people with diabetes of IItype, hypertonia,insomniaand nervous disorders. 

Keywords: diabetes, inulin, Jerusalem artichoke, coffee substitute.

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