Beer technology with the use of malt from triticale

DOI: 10.21047/1606-4313-2016-15-1-19-23
UDC 663.44

Beer technology with the use of malt from triticale

Zipaev D. V., Kashaev A. G. , Rybakova K. A.

Theuse of tritikale malt for beer production at the enterprises of the Volga Federal District is analyzed. Barley malt, tritikale malt, granulated hop, Saccharomyces cerevisiae Saflager S23 and water have been used as raw materials. The main properties of grain culture – triticale - are described. The culture has been cultivated in Samara Region at the Research Institute of Selection and Seed Farming named after P. N. Konstantinov. The main quality indicators of tritikale malt and hop used for beer preparation are presented. Advantages of triticale malt use in production process of beer compared with grain malted raw materials which is traditionally used in fermentation industry are shown. Due to a series of experimental brewing by infusion method with an addition of tritikale malt (from 10 to 50%) the share of tritikale malt to be added has been determined and is shown to be of 20% of total amount of the grain products. Mashing has been done by a conventional  production method at hydromodule of 1:4. Then the mixture has been heated up to 76±2 deg C with temperature pauses corresponding to the activity of enzymes. During of mash boiling hop was added in three portions (25%, 50% and 25%) at fixed periods. Stages of a filtration, fermentation and additional fermentation of beer mash are considered in detail. The extract and volume fraction of alcohol in beer has been shown to decrease with time. Technological parameters of technological process for the drink are determined. Wort pitching when a new drink is being made is described. The hardware and technological scheme of production of the light not filtered beer is shown.

Keywords: Beer, malt, triticale, water, yeast, hop, fermentation, pellet, extract.

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