Unit for fine grinding of cottage cheese

DOI: 10.21047/1606-4313-2016-15-3-23-26
UDC 637.5.07

Unit for fine grinding of cottage cheese

Buyanova I. V., Imangalieva J.К.

For citation: Буянова И.В., Имангалиева Ж.К. Агрегат для тонкого измельчения творога // Вестник Международной академии холода. 2016. № 3. С.23-26

The article investigates the operating principle and design of the unit for fine grinding of cottage cheese products. Improved curd grinding allows obtaining fine dispersed final product. For fine grinding a proper gap between moving and stationary blades, depending on the type of raw material, is set by the threaded ring of the cutter head the before the process starts. The gap width is adjusted along the ruler located on the body of the cutter headby clamping screw. Then the screw feeder is assembled. A removable housing with an outlet is attached to stationary housing. The outlet is fixed at a boot neck, an auger is inserted into the housing and the cover is put down. Evaluation of the effective operation of the unit wascarriedout by analyzingparticle size distribution of the resulting paste cheese, as well as the effect of mechanical treatment on the structural - mechanical properties and microstructure of the paste cottage cheese. JOEL 6390 LV scanning electron microscope with INCA ENERGY 250 system of energy dispersive microanalysis was used for microstructural analysis. The unit allows intensifying the process of cheese fine grinding and uniform feeding the raw material to the cutting mechanism due to the use of screw feeder. The resulting curd paste can be used to expand the product line of dairy products with high nutritional and biological valuefor desserts. The findings prove the prospect of using the new advanced design technology of the grinder in cheese pasteproduction.

Keywords: unit for fine grinding, curd paste, improvement, installation, microstructure, disperse composition.

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