Electrocaloric microcooler for thermoelastic detector

UDC 536.37

Electrocaloric microcooler for thermoelastic detector

Buy M.T., Igor V. Baranov, Pakhomov O.V., Eskov A.V., Anokhin A.S., Semenov A.A., Belyavsky P.Yu.,

Temperature instability is one of the major disadvantages of detectors based on the thermoelastic effect, which reduces their responsivity and limits their application fields. The article deals with a thermostabilyzing system based on electrocaloric effect able to maintain the temperature with an accuracy given. A model for energy efficient microcoler based on electrocaloric effect was developed. The device is made of multilayer capacitors and does not require an additional system of heat removal. Thermal filed relaxation process of thermoealstic sensor is analyzed at different intensity of received radiation with the following specific power: Р1 = 1 W/sm2, Р2 = 2 W/sm2 , Р3 = 3 W/sm2. The simulation of sensor thermal stabilization is carried out. The thermal stabilization system is shown to maintain necessary temperature within the accuracy of ±0.1 К.

Keywords: electrocaloric effect, microcooler, solid state cooling, detector, thermoelastic effect.

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