Quality of bread with hops

DOI: 10.21047/1606-4313-2017-16-1-31-34
UDC 664.665

Quality of bread with hops

Derkanosova A.A. , Orinicheva A.A.

For citation: Дерканосова А.А., Ориничева А.А. Изучение показателей качества хлеба с содержанием хмелепродуктов // Вест-ник Международной академии холода. 2017. № 1. С. 31-34

Most diseases, including metabolic ones, result from malnutrition. Introduction of common hops leaves to bread formulation gives a product rich in essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers which are deficient in human body. The new product allows reducing fat content from 1.19 to 1.10 g, the one of carbohydrates – from 68.95 to 62.74.  Energy content of bread with hops leaves is lower by 8.9% than the one of the bread produced by traditional technology. Amino-acid score of proteins in the bread with the addition of common hops leaves showed that scores of valine, isoleucine, phenylalanine and tryptophan are higher than the standard values by 4.8; 5.6; 2.4; 7.7% respectively. Analysis of the antioxidant activity in two types of bread showed that the content of antioxidants in the bread produced by the new formula is almost twice higher than the one in the bread produced by traditional technology. The bread with the addition of hops leaves ordinary contained 5,205 grams of dietary fiber, which is 26% of the daily human diet. The developed bread s a functional product containing only healthy ingredients without chemical additives. The use of this bread allows people to maintain healthy lifestyle as well as to expand the range of healthy and tasty food at a low price, as waste products of hops manufacturing are used for the making the bread in question.

Keywords: hops, leaves, bread, food and energy value, chemical composition, quality indicators.

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