The use of leaves of sage and yarrow in the technology Dark Ales

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2018-17-1-11-18
UDC 663

The use of leaves of sage and yarrow in the technology Dark Ales

Ivanchenko O. B., Danina M.M.

For citation: Ivanchenko O.B., Danina M.M. The use of leaves of sage and yarrow in the technology Dark Ales. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2018. No 1. p. 11-18

The problem of developing beer drinks with adding fruits, berries, and plant extracts and medicinal herbs to obtain new taste and drinks with healthy properties is challenging nowadays. The aim of this study was the development of technology for Dark Ales with the use of medicinal herbal raw materials – the leaves of sage and yarrow. The article deals withthe effect of different concentrations of candy-syrup on the content of amine nitrogen. The maximum content of amine nitrogen – 294.3 mg/dm3 is achieved when the filling consists of 100 g of malt and 15 g of candy sugar is added. It is shown that the optimum quantity of candy sugar added to the malt is 10-15% of the malt. Candy-sugar being not a source of amino nitrogen, it cannot serve as a replacement for malt. One should introduce candy syrup to add color and flavor characteristics of Ales and not to replace malt. The medicinal herbs in question (sage and yarrow)were introducedat the stage of wort boiling with hops. 20 g/l of candy sugar (10% of the content of malt)wereadded intoall samples 10 minutes before the end of the boiling.The influence of introduced additives on the intensity of fermentationwas analyzed. The duration of fermentation for all samples was 6 days, the one of maturation after fermentation -2 weeks. It is shown that fermentation of all samples did not differ from control ones in all the variants of the experiment. Yarrow was introduced 15 minutes before the end of boilingby sage-method of dry hopping (just after boiling with hops into the hot wort) and soaked for 15 minutes. For Ale with yarrow it is optimal to replace 30% of the hops with the herbal supplements. For Ale with sage the optimal dosage is 1.25 g/l of hot wort. It is shown that using these concentrations of herbal supplements in addition to hops allows obtaining drinks with harmonious aroma and taste bringing out the essential character of each herb.

Keywords: sage leaves, yarrow, beer, ale, physico-chemical parameters, sensory characteristics.

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