Rationale and calculation of thermal comfort equivalent parameters

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2018-17-2-78-84
UDC 697.9/ 628.87

Rationale and calculation of thermal comfort equivalent parameters

Ryabova T.V. , Sulin A.B., Sankina J.N.

For citation: Ryabova T.V., Sulin A.B., Sankina Yu.N. Rationale and calculation of thermal comfort equivalent parameters. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2018. No 2. p. 78-84

Modern approaches to the justification of comfortable microclimate parameters for residential and industrial premises are mainly focused on the requirements of ISO 7730 and ASHRAE Standard 55 standards. The article describes the procedure for calculating the dependences of the required air temperature as a function of humidity, mobility, and radiation temperature difference at the different levels of metabolism and clothing insulation for rooms of three comfort classes. For each comfort class the tables of iscomfortable microclimatic parameters, which are calculated for different levels of human metabolism and clothing characteristics, were preconstructed. The values obtained from the tables of the iscomfortic microclimatic parameters are substituted into the empirically obtained equation for calculating the equivalent comfort temperature. Thus, six data sets with parameters of thermal comfort for rooms of three classes are generalized by six calculated algebraic expressions. The resulting calculated expressions of an equivalent comfort temperature can be used in the design of air conditioning systems and in the programming of automatic climate control systems.

Keywords: microclimate, thermal comfort, equivalent temperature, life support systems.

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