Modelling the central part of the scroll compressors

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2018-17-3-45-52
UDC 621.5.041

Modelling the central part of the scroll compressors

Kosachevsky V. A.

For citation: Kosachevsky V.A. Modelling the central part of the scroll compressors. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2018. No 3. p. 45-52

The history of scroll compressor development and their advantages over other types of compressors are dealt with. The fields of application for them and other machines of volumetric action are shown. The modelling of the central part of scroll compressor is analyzed. The peculiarities of the compressor geometry and the system of its spiral working elements are discussed. The principles of generating spiral graphing depending on the type of the main geometric curves and the different schemes of the scroll compressor central part are described. The conditions for of spiral cutting to simplify the design is formulated, the effect of the spiral rib compound curvature on the compressor characteristics is analyzed. The need for comprehensive research and highly qualified specialists in the field is empha-sized.

Keywords: scroll compressor, compressor capacity, modelling of the central part, connection of the ribs of the spirals, evolvent of circle, Archimedean spiral, location of pressure inlet.

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