Study of cucumber state dynamics by instrumental physical, chemical, and organolectic methods during storage

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2019-18-3-72-81
UDC 635-156 : 631.576.2 : 502.085 : 57.081.2

Study of cucumber state dynamics by instrumental physical, chemical, and organolectic methods during storage

Priyatkin N.S., Khomyakov Y.V., Blokhin Yu.I., Kuznetsova T.A., Mikhina V.Yu., Trimasova L.O., Shaternikov A.N., Remizov O.I., Kertling R.S., Panova G.G.

Article is devoted to screening identification of the most informative instrumental method for detection the degradation changes of cucumber at early stages of their storage. The research of condition dynamics of cucumber by instrumental physical, chemical, and organoleptic methods in the course of storage is carried out. As an object of the research the following samples of commodity vegetable products: cucumber – Meva F1 Hybrid, selection of the Rijk Zwaan company (Netherlands), origin of samples: Rosa Agricultural Company, Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad Region, were chosen. For the assessment of cucumber samples condition the following instrumental physical methods were used: macroshooting method (digital imaging), thermal imaging, gas discharge visualization, method of dielectric conductivity determination. The organoleptic research of cucumber samples of showed change of mechanical and visual properties of samples in the course of their storage. Gradual degradation of cucumber with the loss of their commodity qualities was observed: decrease in turgor of samples for the 9th day, decrease in uniformity of coloring of samples for the 5th day. A parallel chemical research also revealed changes of a number of biochemical indicators of cucumber samples in the course of their storage: decrease in moisture content of samples for the 7th day, the content of nitrates for the 7th day, total contents of mono and disugars for the 14th day. The optical method – digital imaging with use of a ultra-violet source of lighting – was the most informative in registration of changes of quality. Significant changes in characteristics of cucumber were reveled after two days of storage. The research of cucumber samples by thermal imaging, determination of dielectric conductivity, and gas discharge visualization methods showed weak informational content at the applied standard way of statistical processing.

Keywords: vegetable produce storage, vegetable produce quality, cucumber, instrumental physical methods, organoleptic test, biochemical composition, image analysis.

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