On the cut-off angle for the scroll compressor wrap

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2019-18-4-37-41
UDC 621.5.041

On the cut-off angle for the scroll compressor wrap

Kosachevsky V. A.

For citation: Kosachevsky V.A. On the cut-off angle for the scroll compressor wrap. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2019. No 4. p.37-41

The operation principles of a scroll machine are described. Peculiarities of the scroll wraps depending on the types of basic geometrical form of curves are discussed. Different approaches to simulating the central part of the compressor are considered. Comparative analyses of presence or absence of scroll wraps conjugation on the efficiency of the compressor used in various modes is carried out. Various modeling methods of a central part of a scroll machine are considered. The scroll cut-off schemes are analyzed to simplify the design of scroll compressor. The idea of critical minimal cut-off angle is introduced and substantiated. An example of numerical calculation for the angle is presented, which illustrates the use of the analytical method in question exemplified by evaluating the correctness of calculation for several projects. The necessity of correct estimation for the bottom line of scroll cut-off angle in the design is proved and the obtained equation is proposed to be used for the purpose.

Keywords: scroll machines, scroll compressors, fields of application, scroll machine geometry, modeling central parts, scroll wraps conjugation, scroll cut-off angle, minimum angle criterion.

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