The effect of freezing on the technological properties of milk

DOI: 10.17586/1606‑4313‑2020‑19‑3-58-63
UDC 637.1:637.133.1

The effect of freezing on the technological properties of milk

Kruchinin Aleksandr G., Turovskaya Svetlana N., Illarionova Elena E., Bigaeva Alana V.

For citation: Kruchinin A. G., Turovskaya S. N., Illarionova E. E., Bigaeva A. V. The effect of freezing on the technological properties of milk. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2020. No 3. p. 58-63.

Due to the growing popularization of a healthy lifestyle the demand for natural dairy products is increasing, including functional products with a positive impact on the consumers’ health. They are produced both from cow’s milk and form the milk of other farm animals. All known types of milk are differentiated by composition. Therefore, they have different technological properties. Their control is the key to produce quality food products due to the effective use of raw materials. In order to increase the volume of production and improve the quality of dairy products of long-term storage, heat-resistant milk is necessary. At the same time, to intensify the production of domestic cheese, cottage cheese, and other fermented dairy products, milk with cheeseability properties is required. As a result, the study of thermal stability and cheeseability of raw materials with the use of molecular genetic diagnostic methods is of a particular scientific and practical interest. In addition, milk is a dynamic biosystem, in which there are processes that degrade its initial technological qualities. It is possible to process milk immediately after its production only on dairy farms equipped with the necessary equipment (devices for primary cleaning and cooling). Milk storage and transportation in cooled condition is allowed for a maximum of 36 hours. In addition, transportation of milk to more distant distances for the purpose of realization, further processing, or complex studies, including molecular genetic diagnostics, biochemical, biophysical and other types of analysis, implies its preliminary preservation, such as drying or freezing. Cryopreservation of milk allows preserving most of its useful components. Therefore, the study of the effect of milk freezing on its technological properties remains relevant.

Keywords: milk, technological properties, cheeseability, heat resistance, freezing, storage.

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