Data analysis of frost density formed on cooled surfaces

UDC 621.565

Data analysis of frost density formed on cooled surfaces

Koshelev V. L., Eydeus A. I., Koshelev S. V.

For citation: Koshelev V.L., Eideyus A.I., Koshelev S.V. Data analysis of frost density formed on cooled surfaces. Journal of Inter-national Academy of Refrigeration. 2022. No 3. p. 80-88. DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2022-21-3-80-88

With a sufficiently large number of studies devoted to the formation of frost on cold surfaces, there are relatively few reliable data on changes in the density ρиof the frost layer. The most studied are the processes of frost formation on flat surfaces. The calculated density ρир, found by time-dependent methods was compared with the experimentally obtained values ρиэ. The degree of agreement between the calculated and experimental data was assessed by the mean value of the ratio  (ρир/ρиэ)срand the standard deviation in five variants of the initial data. It turned out to be low in all ten methods. To achieve a better match of ρирand ρиэ, a regression analysis of the initial data was performed for five mentioned options. The coefficients of the selected regression equations and indicators of the degree of coincidence for ρирand ρиэare shown in the tables and can be used in engineering practice. According to the results of the analysis it is noted insufficient amount of experimental data on the density ρиэduring freezing even of plates; the expediency of choosing the type of equation when summarizing each array of initial data.

Keywords: cooled surfaces, frost formation, layer density, experimental and calculated data, analysis.

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