Veliaminov V. N.

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Военно-Медицинская Академия МО РФ, 1


начальник Центра (крови и тканей) ВМедА


Канд. мед. наук


Bagautdinov Sh. M. , Vadim Levichev, Veliaminov V. N., Vashchenko V. I., Gaydash A. A., Popova N. N. Influence of deep freezing on cellular structure of the human red blood cells

The article was published in issue 2 of 2014

Smolyaninov A. B. , Ivolgin D. A. , Bagautdinov Sh. M. , Veliaminov V. N., Trukshin I. S. Using low temperatures for storage of biological products: two concepts of umbilical cord blood cryostorage

The article was published in issue 3 of 2013