Yermoshin Nikolay A.

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Военная академия материально-технического обеспечения им. генерала армии А.В. Хрулева

Yermoshin Nikolay A., Romanchikov S.A. , Nikolyuk Olga I. The technology of separate grain refining, electro-hydraulic grain milling, and electro contact baking of bakery products

The article was published in issue 3 of 2020

Yermoshin Nikolay A., Mokrushin Aleksandr S., Kashtanov Yuri Yu. Improving performance characteristics of mobile low power heating blocks

The article was published in issue 2 of 2021

Yermoshin Nikolay A., Tugushev Rifat Sh., Bayrak Vladimir O., Zarechnev Alexey A. Improving the design of the facilities for supply, maintenance, and storage of the drinking water under special conditions

The article was published in issue 4 of 2021