Ekaterina V.Tambulatova

Work place:

ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, 197101, Russian Federation


Associate Professor



Ekaterina V.Tambulatova , Platunov E.C., Igor V. Baranov Results of research of thermal physical properties of sucrose aqueous solutions

The article was published in issue 3 of 2010

Fedorov A.V. , Baranov I.V., Ekaterina V.Tambulatova , Volkov Sergey M., Prokhorova L.T., Krylov V. А. Investigating the temperature dependence of refined sunflower oil specific heat capacity on its composition by the method of differential scanning calorimetry

The article was published in issue 1 of 2019

Tun Aye , Igor V. Baranov, Krylov V. А., Ekaterina V.Tambulatova , Nikitin А. А. Thermo-physical properties of avocado from Southeast Asia

The article was published in issue 2 of 2020