Development of new whey drink with fruit–berry filling

UDC 573.6:637

Development of new whey drink with fruit–berry filling

Zipaev D. V., Suhanova D. A.

The problem of the main raw material shortage in many respects can be solved due to the processing and use of whey. The main advantage of dairy whey is its carbohydrate composition and structure of protein. The model environment for the cultivation of kefir grains has been developed. The mature milk serum with fine-dispersed fraction of biomass kefir grains has been used for the development of new whey drink with addition of fruit-berry fillings. Received whey drink was analyzed according to organoleptic properties (color, smell and taste), physico-chemical properties (acidity, mass fraction of protein, mass fraction of sugar, density, dry non-fat milk residue) and to microbiological indicators.

Keywords: whey, fruit-berry filling, biomass kefir grains, whey drink, milk.

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