Prevention of Diabetes through use of Hypoglycemic Chinese Herbs

UDC 664.665

Prevention of Diabetes through use of Hypoglycemic Chinese Herbs

Amirova E.R., MELEDINA T.V.

For decades, the researchers have been battling one of the life’s threatening diseases that results either from insulin insufficiency or ineffective use of the produced insulin in the body – the diabetes. If not treated or controlled immediately, the diabetes can lead to a variety of painful complications, such as damage the blood vessels in eyes, kidneys, and heart.  One of the preventive measures of developing diabetes is maintaining a healthy diet. However, there is no exact evidence what causes diabetes nor there an effective treatment for one. The conventional medical approach of Western medicine that involves using insulin or oral drugs to treat diabetes is incomplete and can result in long-term complications. Chinese herbal medicine has a long history of being used to diabetes. Long term consumption of food products containing Chinese herbs with hypoglycemic properties could be a viable solution for diabetic or pre-diabetic patients. The purpose of this study is to develop a process for manufacturing new bread products that contain Chinese herbs with hypoglycemic properties to lower and normalize high blood glucose and to introduce these medicinal herbs into common stream food products. The long term consumption of these herbal bread products will be advantageous over the chemical drugs in alleviating some chronic diseases caused by diabetes, while adverse effects of the herbal substances will remain minimal.

Keywords: Diabetes, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, hypoglycemic, herbal bread product.

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