Thermo-induced variation of pressure in cryogenic systems

UDC 621.59:534.1:546.291

Thermo-induced variation of pressure in cryogenic systems

Borzenko E.I., Krasnov V. Ya., Kosachevsky V. A.

Thermo-induced variations of gas in half-open pipelines of liquid cryogenic gas storage and cryogenic thermostatting systems are known to influence their reliability and efficiency greatly. There are no common physical or mathematical models of occurrence and maintenance of thermo-induced pressure variations, reliable dependencies of their frequency and amplitude on the parameters of thermo inducing elements in cryogenic systems. Current experimental data cover relatively narrow ranges of parameters having been tested. Then empirical dependences being recommended on their basis are often incorrect. An attempt to consider thermo-induced variations of gas from thermophysical point of view is made. The data and graphs for the results obtained are shown. When open cold pipeline end is located higher than the phase boundary (h1 = (10±2)·10-3м) the values of the parameters being analyzed are higher than at h2 = –(10±2)·10-3м in all dependencies. The analysis is confirmed by the author's certificate №1772513.

Keywords: thermo-induced pressure variations, storage system, cryogenic gas, thermo inducing element, thermal balance, cryoagent pressure, liquid cryoagent loss.

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