Innovative technology of canned pear compote for baby food

UDC 664.8.036.62

Innovative technology of canned pear compote for baby food

Azadovа E. F., Darbisheva A. M., Demirova A. F., Akhmedov M. E.

The article deals with the usefulness of microwave pre-heating of fruits in jars, instead of conventional blanching, in the manufacturing of pear compote for baby food. The experimental results of fruit warming in 0.2, 0.35 and 0.5 liter jars for 45, 60 and 90 sec. are given. The jars, filled with fruits and syrup, are heated up to 80-85 deg C in electromagnetic field of 2400 МHz for 0.5-2 min. This allows enzymes to be inactivated, biologically active components to be preserved, and the initial product temperature before sterilization to be increased by 30 deg C. Temperature is measured at the least warmed points of experimental and reference samples. Pre-heating of fruits in SHF electromagnetic field results in processing time decreasing by more than 30 min. and uniform fruits warming throughout the jar. The sterilizing effect values of central and peripheral points prove the mode chosen to meet all the criteria of commercial sterility, microbial safety and foodstuff quality. The results of the research are of great prospect for baby food development.

Keywords: compote, sterilization, electromagnetic field, pre-heating, temperature, warming

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