Heat and mass transfer in the rooms with forced air supply

UDC 536.244; 621.512-222

Heat and mass transfer in the rooms with forced air supply

Grigoryev A. Yu., Grigoryev K.A. , Raikov A.А. , Kargalsky K.A., Matsak A.G., Sakhonchik E.S.

The article deals with calculating main air flow parameters for the rooms with forced air supply. Derivation of differential equation systems for non-stationary, turbulent viscous gas flow based on Navier–Stokes equation, and for initial and terminal conditions adjusted for air flow character in the rooms with forced air supply are shown. This simplifies a calculation of forced air supply system for the rooms of different geometry greatly compared to the use of commercial software available. The method in question is due to the fact that exiting engineering calculation methods are based on empirical data valid for a single equipment type under the same environmental conditions only. Calculation program based on numerical computation for the task can be used in designing forced air flow systems for multifunctional rooms.

Keywords: forced air supply, air-conditioning, air and mass transfer, heat and mass transfer, process simulation.

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