The effectiveness of non-traditional ways to extend the shelf life of food products

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2018-17-1-19-25
UDC 637.52.001.8

The effectiveness of non-traditional ways to extend the shelf life of food products

Buyanova I. V., Lupinskaya S.M., Imangalieva J.К.

For citation: Buyanova I.V., Lupinskaya S.M., Imangalieva Z.K. The effectiveness of non-traditional ways to extend the shelf life of food products. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2018. No 1. p. 19-25

The article concerns the increasing shelf life of food products on the basis of refrigeration technology principles and raw milk vacuum concentrating. Scientifically substantiated modes of cooling process and cryogenic storage of customer-size packaged products with the justification of expiration dates on the basis of the principles of maintaining the quality and microbial safety are presented. The shelf-life for frozen cottage-cheese products is obtained. The plant freezer provided low temperature freezing of form –40 to –42 °C to the predetermined average volumetric temperature of –20 °C and storage of cheese products at temperatures of from –20 C to –25 °C for 4-6 months. If you use quick-freezing units the shelf life of customer-size packaged products increases up to 8-10 months. Microstructural comprehensive analysis of the quality indicators showed satisfactory physico-chemical state of proteins. The results of research allow developing the technology for the long-term storage of cheese. The use of nitrogen-based freezers and air system of cooling for customer-size packaged products eliminate product weight loss by reducing shrinkage. The use of the new highly efficient vacuum heat radiation dehydration technique allows to obtain shelf stable concentrated dairy products of high quality with minimal energy consumption. In terms of energy saving it stands out from the methods of condensing and is superior to the ones of sublimation. The conditions of gentle water evaporation contribute to the preservation of the native properties of food substances. The main factors of the raw milk dehydration i.e. the thickness of the object layer, power, and heating temperature are studied. The quality indicators of condensed products for long term storage with the mass fraction of dry substances 40, 50, and 60% are presented. A comprehensive analysis of the experimental data allows establishing the guaranteed shelf life of dairy product concentrates.

Keywords: shelf life, freezing, low temperature storage, cheeses, cottage cheese products, UV-rays, concentration, vacuum dehydration.

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