The use of honeysuckle (Lonicera edulis) extract in baking technology

DOI: 10.17586/1606-4313-2018-17-1-26-32
UDC 664.66.022.39

The use of honeysuckle (Lonicera edulis) extract in baking technology

Soboleva E.V, Sergatchyova E.S., Smertina E.S., Fedyanina L.N., Lyakh V.A., Gladyshchuk O.S.

For citation: Soboleva E.V., Sergacheva E.S., Smertina E.S., Fedyanina L.N., V.A. Lyakh, Gladyshchuk O.S. The use of honeysuckle (Lonicera edulis) extract in baking technology. Vestnik Mezhdunarodnoi akademii kholoda. 2018. No 1. p. 26-32

As the striving for a healthy lifestyle is a trend in the development of modern society, it is necessary to develop recipes and technologies of nutritional food that improve human health and prevent various diseases of alimentary origin. The introduction of natural vegetable ingredients having antioxidant activity in a daily diet is urgent in connection with the unfavourable ecological situation to improve the physiological processes and human immunity, and to slow down human aging. One of such ingredients is the aqueous alcohol extract isolated from the squash after separation of honeysuckle (Lonicera edulis) juice, containing a great number of polyphenolic compounds. Bread being an everyday product, it is advisable to use the Lonicera edulis extract in baking industry.This article specifies the physical and chemical characteristics of the aqueous alcohol extract; explores the effect of the extract on the properties and duration of dough maturation (with the use of Chopin F3 rheofermentometer), on the physico-chemical and organoleptic indicators of finished product quality (with the use of standardized GOST (Russian State Standard) methods), and on the preservation of freshness of wheat-bread during the storage (with the use of CT-2structurometer). The control sample was the bread from the top-grade wheat flour made by  straight dough method. In the experimental samples the aqueous alcohol extract of Lonicera edulis was added in the dose of 2 and 4% to the flour weight.It was established that the introduction of the extract intensifies fermentation, increases the gas-producing property (by 19-23%), and gas-retaining ability of dough. When using Lonicera edulis extract the content of aromatic compounds increases (by 12-25%); pronounced flavour and pleasant berry taste appear; the crust colour intensifies, the crumb acquires lilac shade. Moreover, the number of polyphenolic compounds in the bread increases and the rate of product hardening during the storage decreases.Thus, the use of aqueous ethanol extract of Lonicera edulis can be recommended in production of wheat-flour bread. It does not require significant changes in the technological process and makes it possible to enrich bakery products with polyphenolic compounds to extend the bread assortment and to manufacture products with high consumer characteristics.

Keywords: wheat bread, aqueous alcohol extract of honeysuckle Lonicera edulis, polyphenolic compounds, gas formation, quality of bread, staling, structural and mechanical properties of bread crumb.

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